Anne T. Herriott

19th Southern Area Director

“Embracing Our Legacy, Fulfilling Our Promise”

The Greater Miami Chapter congratulates our Chapter member, Anne T. Herriott, the Nineteenth Southern Area Director of the Links, Incorporated.


2015 | Nineteenth Southern Area Director

2011-2013 | Southern Area Secretary

2011-2013 | National Committee of Secretaries

2007-2011 | Southern Area Technology Chair

2007-2011 | National Technology Committee


The Greater Miami Chapter has a rich history of Southern Area Directors:


Maude K. Reid -  1965-1969 | Fifth Southern Area Director

Regina Jollivette Frazier -  1981-1984 | Ninth Southern Area Director; 1986-1990 | Ninth National President

Anne Turner Herriott - 2015 | Nineteenth Southern Area Director





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